Top Things to Do in Kefalonia

People know Santorini and Mykonos – and so do the cruise ships. If you want a Greek vacation without the crowds, visit Kefalonia! These are our top things to do in Kefalonia.

Things to Do in Kefalonia

Melissani Cave

Photos of this cave are probably on your “DREAM TRIP TO GREECE” Pinterest board, and rightfully so. It was considered the Cave of the Nymphs in Greek mythology. The water is picture perfect blue, and the upward view is simply breathtaking.

Acron Antisamos Beach in Kefalonia

Acron Antisamos Beach

You can relax in a recliner and get your tan on, but for those who can’t stay put, there are water sports. And when you’re finished water skiing, enjoy a cold Kefalonian beer! Don’t worry about sand getting kicked in your face (or food) because this is a rocky beach.

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach

If you’re looking for a long walk on the beach, Myrtos Beach is your strip of sand. Everything here moves a bit slower and a bit quieter – the perfect place to let the time pass. After driving around and taking pictures from the cliffs above, drive down to this gorgeous Kefalonia beach and just lay out. This beach is situated right under the cliffs, so the mountains surrounding the beach are truly a spectacular sight.

Where to Eat in Kefalonia

Ladakola is a local favorite in Kefalonia for souvlaki and ouzo


It’s hard to recommend restaurants in the Greek islands, primarily because everything is focused on tourism. But in Kefalonia, the locals told me to go to Ladokola for the best souvlaki and ouzo.

You can smell the restaurant from a mile away. The service is fast and the food is so good! I only paid a total of €3 for ouzo and pork souvlaki, which was basically seasoned pork with fries, grilled veggies, and special sauce wrapped inside of pita bread.

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