This is Naxos Island

Naxos, Greece is perfect for anyone who wants to take tours on their own time. It’s the biggest island of the Cyclades, which are the hundreds of islands that form a circle southeast of mainland Greece. If you’re looking for things to do and places to eat in Naxos Island, ask the locals!

Rent a four wheeler (quad) or scooter to get around Naxos - it's the cheapest and easiest way to explore

How to Get Around Naxos

Four Wheelers (quads)

Soak up the sun while exploring Naxos on a four wheeler! You can easily fit 2-3 people per vehicle and explore everything the island has to offer. There also aren’t a lot of cabs around, so it’s one of the few options.

The best part is that you can park these scooters anywhere and explore the island on your own time. Fuel is also cheap, so there’s really no downside to driving around Naxos on your own!

Things to Do in Naxos

Apollo temple in Naxos was never finished - just this doorway

Apollo Temple

Much like other Greek sites, there isn’t much of this temple to be seen. Unlike other Greek sites, that’s not because it was destroyed – it was never finished. You can visit the doorway while you also check out the amazing view that the temple would have had.

Plaka Beach

The beach is long and spacious, spotted with restaurants to satisfy your hunger. You can find a spot to lay your towel, or find a beach bar for an umbrella and food service.

Petrino Beach is a cool, relaxed beach in Naxos with a variety of food options

Petrino Beach

Like most other beaches you will find in Greece, you will need to pay for access. But instead of umbrellas and recliners, this beach has simple (read: minimal) cabanas, made of what looks like driftwood, and cushioned recliners. They also have old row boats refurbished for ultimate relaxation.

When you’re hungry, you can grab breakfast at Cedar Cafe, or breakfast and gelato at Mitatos.

And if you need a break from relaxing on the beach, there are a variety of gelato shops, bars, and restaurants just a short walk away. Whether you’re just looking for a sweet snack or a full meal, there are spots serving up all kinds of dishes!


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