Living in Germany: Best German Christmas Markets!

Christmas in Bavaria will be one of the most magical times of your life! I talked to my good buddy Stefan about the best German Christmas markets that you need to visit.

Drink glühwein in the castle courtyard at the Christmas market!

Local Christmas Markets in Bavaria

Wherever you are in Bavaria, you’ll come across a Christmas market some time between the end of November and December 24. Large cities all over the country have Christkindlmarkts (also called Weihnachtsmarkt), but in our humble region, you’ll find markets in small towns as well.

Check out the falcons at the Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market!

As you may notice with local fests in Germany, it’s hard to find information about when and where Christmas markets will take place. Everyone just seems to know when they’re going to happen, like it’s just part of daily existence or their DNA.

The city markets are easy to find information for, but for the smaller Christkindl markets, you’ll want to talk to the locals!

Falconry is one of the coolest things to see at the Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market!

The Best German Christmas Markets

With so many Christkindlmarkts to choose from, Stefan gave us his top three choices! After all, there are only so many advent weekends.

In case you don’t already know, advent refers to the four weeks leading up to Christmas. In 2019, first advent is December 1, and fourth advent is December 22.

Don't forget to say hi to the owls at the Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market!

Vilseck Sorghof Christmas Market

Tucked away in the Vilseck forests, the Christmasmarkt in Sorghof occurs on the last Saturday before Christmas. There’s a live nativity scene, complete with animals!

But unlike other Christkindlmarkts, this one only lasts one evening. For anyone on Vilseck post, the market will be just outside the main gate.

Auerbach is known for their mining, and every year at their Christkindlmarkt, they have a miner's parade to celebrate the workers

Auerbach Christmas Market

The coal mines in Auerbach make their Christmas market unique! On the third advent Saturday (December 14, 2019), there is a miner’s parade. They walk through the town with lit torches, and then celebrate the holiday spirit with their fellow townsfolk.

Their Christkindlmarkt takes place during the first couple weeks of advent. The Auerbach Christmas market also hosts a famous fairy tale parade which happens on the second advent Saturday in 2019 (December 7).

And, of course, there’s plenty of great shopping opportunities for all your German decoration needs.

Children can ride camels at the Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market

Naburg Christmas Market (Schloss Guteneck)

This is definitely a fan favorite! As the flagship Christkindlmarkt in der Oberpfalz, it has everything you could want from a Bavarian Christmas market: live performances, a castle, glühwein, trees, on fires, churros, medieval shop stalls, dampfnudel, and live animals.

A variety of handmade crafts and wares are available at the Schloss Guteneck Christkindlmarkt!

Children may ride the camels and watch the falconers while you shop for handmade gifts. And in addition to the standard fair of bratwurst, leberkase, roasted nuts, and gingerbreads, Guteneck also has food stands serving beef stew, flammkuchen, churros, crepes, and waffles.

Be sure to stop by this stand at the Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market for warm goulash!

This Christmas market takes place every advent weekend, but be sure to plan your visit in advance! Friday afternoons will be the least crowded. Keep in mind that there is a small entry fee for attendees ages 12 and up.

The Schloss Guteneck Christmas Market (Naburg) takes place at a Bavarian castle

Get in the Holiday Spirit!

If you want to visit the best German Christmas markets this year, you better hurry! The season doesn’t last forever, but that’s part of the magic, isn’t it?

Gluehwein is an essential part of the best Christmas markets in Germany!

What’s your favorite local Christmas market? Let us know in the comments!


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