Bamberg Sightseeing: Things to Do in Bamberg Germany

Bamberg, Germany is a beautiful, easy, and unforgettable day trip from USAG Bavaria Grafenwöhr! You can fill your day with every historical hotspot, or take your time strolling through the streets. No matter how you choose to schedule your activities, there are plenty of things to do in Bamberg.

landscape view of the city of bamberg Germany. Easy day trip from Grafenwoehr Germany

About Bamberg Germany

The town is a 90-minute drive from Grafenwoehr through the beautiful Bavarian countryside. I recommend setting aside an entire day to enjoy Bamberg. And trust me, you’ll want to come back!

Bamberg is just one of many amazing day trips from Grafenwoehr!

Bamberg used to have a U.S. military installation (Warner Barracks), but it closed in 2015. You won’t see quite as much English as you do in Grafenwoehr or Weiden, but most people are comfortable speaking it.

Bamberg is also a university town, which means you’ll find more restaurants and places to try than in Grafenwoehr! In that way, it’s like Bayreuth, but still a very different experience.

If you enjoy Maisel Weisse beer, visit Liebesbier in Bayreuth!

Like nearly every European city, parking will be the most difficult part of your visit. I’ve had luck at the Parkhaus Zentrum Süd/Schützenstraße, which is pretty central to all the things to do in Bamberg. You have to pay to park there, but it’s not too expensive.

Things to Do in Bamberg

You could spend the entire day strolling through the city, admiring public sculptures, and just looking at the classic architecture. But if you need a few ideas on where to quench your thirst and learn a thing or two, I have a few suggestions.

Pork knuckle, potato and smoke beer at schlenkerla restaurant in Bamberg Germany

Where to Eat in Bamberg: Schlenkerla

You’ve probably heard about rauchbier: the beer that tastes like bacon. That’s because it’s a smoked beer (no bacon added!). Rauchbier has a polarizing style: you either enjoy the smoky flavor or you don’t.

I highly recommend going to Schlenkerla to give it a try! (And if you don’t like it, they have other styles available.) Order a rauchbier to go with your Schäufele (pork shoulder), Schnitzel, or Bamberger Zwiebel (pork wrapped in onion and bacon).

Pro tip: Get the beer to go! As long as you behave responsibly, you’re allowed to drink beer while strolling through the city.

And if you like the style, pick up a crate from your local getränkemarkt! You can find their Märzen and Weizen at many beverage stores around Grafenwoehr.

Gondola ride on the Left Regnitzarm river in Bamberg

Little Venice

Take a gondola ride down the Regnitz River in Little Venice! It’s a perfect way to see all the amazing half-timbered houses and their unique designs.

And every year (when there isn’t a pandemic) you’ll find people dueling on top of gondolas during Sandkerwa, their annual volksfest! Definitely a must-see during the summer.

One of the most popular things to do in Bamberg, people watching on the old rathaus bridge

Altes Rathaus Bamberg

If you enjoy looking at old buildings, you have to visit the Altes Rathaus Bamberg! It was built on top of an artificial island because (supposedly) the city bishop wouldn’t allocate any land for it after the citizens organized an uprising in the 1400s.

Today, it’s a beautiful piece of architecture covered in colorful frescoes. Stop on the Obere Brücke for a photo op!

Bamberg Cathedral in Bamberg Germany

Bamberg Cathedral

You can’t miss the Bamberger Dom in the Altstadt (old town). The original building was constructed in the early 1000s, but inevitably suffered from fire damage and had to be reconstructed.

Visitors are welcome to enter the cathedral for free, but you can also take a guided tour for €5,00.

Walking down to the tunnels of the catacombs in Bamberg Germany

Bamberg Catacombs

Most people envision the Parisian walls of skulls when they hear “catacombs,” but the Bamberg Catacombs are nothing like that. The only thing they have in common is that they’re tunnels under the city.

Planning a trip to Paris? I have a guide to help you plan your first trip to the City of Lights!

The Catacombs were created primarily because the city needed the stone for many of the structures you see today. Once the tunnels were created, they could use the space for shelter, beer, ice storage, and even electronics manufacturing.

So while you may not see any skulls or hear any ghost stories during the tour, it’s still a great opportunity to learn about the history of Bamberg.

Aerial view of Altenburg Castle in Bamberg Germany

Altenburg Castle

Altenburg Castle sits on the city’s perimeter, which makes it a perfect first or last stop when visiting Bamberg.

The Castle was never a residence. Instead, it was used for defense purposes, and citizens could take shelter there if they had to flee the city.

When you’re finished touring the castle, walk down the hill and enjoy the perfect view of Bamberg!

Frequently Asked Questions about Bamberg Sightseeing

I’ve answered some of the common questions about planning a trip to Bamberg here, but if you still have questions, let me know in the comments or ask the Bavaria Army Wife Travelers group!

Where to park in Bamberg?

I recommend Parkhaus Zentrum Süd on Schützenstraße. The parking garage is clean and central to most activities.

Where can I find guided tours in Bamberg?

The city offers a variety of tours, including historical, haunted, bicycle, and tastings! Note: the prices listed are for guides in German. There may be an additional fee for guides in English.

Little Venice houses on the Left Regnitzarm river in Bamberg

What Are Your Favorite Things to Do in Bamberg?

Bamberg is a great city if you want to go somewhere new in Germany. This was my first visit to Bamberg, and I definitely want to go back to see more.

What are your favorite things to do in the city? Let me know in the comments!

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