Things to do in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Full of rich culture and fascinating history, there are plenty of things to do in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Located along the Rhine River on the border of northeast Switzerland, Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world.

Americans Living in Germany: Know Before You Go

Leaving from Grafenwoehr, Germany, the drive to Vaduz, Liechtenstein took us just around four hours on the A7. Vaduz is a 3hr drive from Stuttgart and from the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) you’re looking at a 4.5hr journey.

As an American, you’ll need to bring your passport, military ID, and cash (euros). Plus, any vaccination documents (if necessary). In fact, once you arrive you’ll have an opportunity to get your passport stamped.

Not sure which passport you need? Check out our passports guide!

Thankfully, when we were looking for things to do in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, the weather was fantastic! Consequently, we did a lot of walking, so wear comfy shoes. The weather is typically pleasant in Vaduz. However, we suggest you always keep an umbrella on hand just in case.

Liechtenstein Attractions

I’ll be honest, our first thought driving to Vaduz was to get a passport stamp and check off another European country. However, when we arrived, we were impressed to see a variety of eclectic art, vineyards, and grand historic architecture.

passport stamp from vaduz liechtenstein

Quick facts about Liechtenstein:

~ The Liechtenstein family was seeking a place among the Imperial government. Liechtenstein became an official country on January 23, 1719.

~ Liechtenstein is 62 square miles with a population of just under 6,000.

~ Vaduz is the capital city.

Vaduz City Hall (Rathaus)

This beautiful town building dates back to 1933. Renovated from 1982 – 1984, various artists worked to create interior and exterior architecture. Plus, the Vaduz City Hall is where the local municipalities work to keep Vaduz thriving!

street art in vaduz liechtenstein

Vaduz Street Art

I was shocked at how much street art there was in such a small city. The main square hosts eye-catching, exquisite sculptures. Not to mention, there’s more to see when you step into Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. While the museum started with just ten paintings in 1967, it has grown into a place full of incredible collections.

Hours of operation are Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm, Thursday from 10 am – 8 pm, and closed on Monday. Of course, we always suggest you check the website prior to your visit for the latest information.

Government House of Liechtenstein

Art and beauty aren’t the only things to do in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. While walking around Vaduz, you’ll see the prominent Government House of Liechtenstein. The monumental building is where political decisions are made for the social welfare of the country. Appointed by the Prince, the five-person government is made of a Prime minister and four ministers.

pictures in front of vaduz castle

Vaduz Castle

While you’re in the city of Vaduz, you can see the magnificent Vaduz Castle from almost any angle. Elevated 120 meters above the city, the historic landmark is something to behold.

You can get to the castle by car or foot, but I prefer walking to take in the spectacular views of the city. Parking at the top is limited, so park below and take your time hiking up.

Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed in the castle, but you can enjoy a guided tour of Vaduz. To find out more about the city, you can visit the Princely Cinema to view the history of Vaduz in a movie theatre setting.

Wine Tasting

After you’ve walked around the city of Vaduz, you’ll definitely want to head over to The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery. The south-west-facing slopes and the mild climate create some of the most splendid vineyards in the Rhine Valley. And depending on the number in your party, you can enjoy a guided tour, bread and wine tasting.

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Vaduz, Liechtenstein offers a place to spend some time enjoying historic scenery, engaging visual art, and more! Plus, it’s an adventure that you’ll be glad you took and memories that will make you want to schedule your next trip back!

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