EuroTrip Adventures – FULL Review – Budget Family Travel for US Military PCSing To Germany

Suppose you recently PCS’d to Germany with the US military and your primary goal is “budget family travel” to as many countries as possible!

Sounds like a solid plan.

In fact, this was our EXACT plan, and I know just the company you can trust to provide you with a budget friendly travel experience – EuroTrip Adventures.

Let me start from the beginning.

When we moved to Germany in 2014, all we wanted to do is see as much of Europe as possible… sound familiar?

As teachers, we only had a 2 year contract on base, so we quickly turned to budget family travel opportunities.

Budget Family Travel

Like many US military families, we had very limited time to see Europe, so I hit the web to find my options.

One of the first “budget friendly” opportunities I found was through EuroTrip Adventures.

And after 9 different adventures, I was hooked.

So I decided to give you my official review…

EuroTrip Adventures: Budget Family Travel Options

EuroTrip Adventures started in 2010 as an opportunity for like minded adventure seekers to discover Europe on a budget. They provide unique travel opportunities, primarily through extended bus travel (but offer a handful of flights) to top European destinations, to include:

– Paris, Disneyland, Normandy, & the French Riviera

– Konigsee, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Black Forest, and other Alpine Adventures

– Hungary, Slovakia, & Slovenia

– Belgium, Amsterdam & the world’s largest flower garden

– Flights to England, Scandinavia, & Iceland

– The Rhine Falls & Zurich, Switzerland

– The Croatian Coast & so much more!

Some of the basic services they provide are:

– Travel Accommodations

– Hotel Reservations

– Transportation

– Trip Organization

– Coordinating tours from local guides

– VIP access to the EuroTrip Travel App

– Exclusive FB group for customer support

– 24/7 emergency phone

Anyone can experience a EuroTrip Adventure, but over time they started making it more convenient for military families to hop on the bus.

Europe Bus Tour

I have to admit, before looking at budget travel companies, I was a little nervous about bus travel options. As an American, I haven’t had great bus experiences in the states. Where I’m from, you generally take the bus ONLY when you have to.

And mom would always remind you to, “hold on to your belongings and don’t talk to strangers!”

Europe is completely different.

EuroTrip Adventures Bus Experience

Typically when you get on a bus in Europe, you don’t have the same feelings as bus travel in the states.

With EuroTrip Adventures, buses are clean, temperature controlled, and wifi accessible. They speak English and offer different styles of buses, standard and double decker, toilets, and optional family seating.

There’s also a “no eating stinky foods” rule which I absolutely appreciate. I feel like many people forget that you’re on a bus with other humans, so the expectation of “being a good neighbor” should always be kept in mind 🙂  

If you’re not comfortable in tight quarters with other humans, then this is probably not your thing.  But if you’re ready to explore, on a budget, and you don’t mind being on a bus for long periods of time, then this is definitely for you.  

The biggest take away from my personal bus experience is that I felt safe and comfortable. Oh and the convenience factor…

They picked me up right outside of base.

As a German company, Eurotrip Adventures has pick up locations all over the country to include:

– Nuremberg

– Munich

– Frankfurt

They also made it easy for military families with pick up/drop off locations right outside of base in:

– Grafenwoehr

– Kaiserslautern

– Wiesbaden

– Stuttgart

Americans Living in Germany; Know Before You Go. 

Here’s a quick reminder of things to always bring when traveling as an American. First, don’t forget to bring cash (Euros), passports, a mask & vaccination documents (if necessary).

Not sure which passport you need? Check out our passports guide!

Before getting on the bus, make sure to pack light. In order to clear up space, you’ll want to only bring essentials:

– Toiletries

– Snacks

– Camera/phone

– Headphones

– Jacket (if necessary)

– Small suitcase if staying in a hotel overnight

– Pillow

– Entertainment for the kids

The bus will stop at a rest stop during your ride. Make sure to stretch your legs, brush your teeth, and use the rest stop bathroom to keep the bus as clean as possible.

Before the bus ride, you’ll also need to find the right seat. EuroTrip Adventures offers four different seating areas:

– Family Zone

– Standard Seat

– Table Seat

– Front Row Seat

EuroTrip Adventures seating chart

Pro Tip: If you’re not seated in the family zone, RESERVE your seats so you’re guaranteed to sit together!

Now that you have a good understanding of what to expect on the bus, let’s go over the details of a typical trip.

EuroTrip Adventures: Cheap European Vacation

For example, one of the next upcoming trips is to Liechtenstein and Lindau Island.

I’ve been to both these places and highly recommend it.

They offered this trip for as little as €59 per person. Price is based on your pickup location and how many people are in your party so check online for your specific travel package total.

You can get a good idea of trip details on your phone, computer, or through their EuroTrip Adventures App.

EuroTrip Adventures App

EuroTrip Adventures App

The Eurotrip App is a MUST have for your budget family travel opportunities. Download the app as a “one stop shop” for specific trip information.

Once booked, you’ll receive an info e-mail code that unlocks it all:

– Detailed itinerary and schedule

– Pick up/drop off locations

– Weather forecast

– Interactive maps

– City travel guides

– Sightseeing & restaurants

– Currency converter

– Optional extras

You also have access to a FAQ page that will answer most of your questions, including cancellation policies, updated COVID restriction policies, or details on optional extras.

EuroTrip Adventures Optional extras budget family travel

One of the nice things about EuroTrip Adventures is that they let the customer choose how they want to spend their vacation. There’s no pressure to “stick with the group” on a mandatory guided tour.

Instead, they offer “optional extras” that give you the option to pay extra for a specific activity in the city. Some of those optional extras include a boat/train ride with a local tour guide.

It’s important to understand that EuroTrip Adventures has “Trip Leaders” who help manage the overall flow and organization of the trip. They work for the company and will be with you during most of the trip.

This differs from a local “Tour Guide,” who the company hires to give you a unique perspective of the trip (at an additional cost).

I actually prefer the optional extras because you only get a limited time to spend in a city. So, utilizing public transportation with a local guide is probably the most efficient way to take it all in.

Final Thoughts & Reviews: Budget Family Travel

Traveling long distances on a bus is not for everyone.

I get it.

But if you’re like most military families – pressed for time and want the best bang for your buck, then you should give EuroTrip Adventures a go!

All you have to do is show up.

Planning for family vacations is stressful enough. Let them do all the work for you – to include worrying about traffic, parking, and transportation to/from your destination.

For me, it was all about finding a budget friendly company that was convenient and who I can trust to do all the “travel leg work.”

EuroTrip Adventures checked all the boxes.

Some of the most common travelers I saw were military families, weekend girl trips, and solo travel.

And if you’re still not convinced of my recommendation, head over to the Eurotrip Adventures review page.

There’s 100’s of them.

With over 135,000+ followers online, it gives you the warm fuzzy feeling that “people like this.”  The company is credible and has been around for a long time, so I would 100% recommend them for your next budget family travel experience.

If you’re looking for more information about military travel deals in Germany, check out our exclusive Military Travel Guide or subscribe to the channel for more videos.


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