EuroTrip Adventures: Central Europe

Visit the cultural capitals of three Central European countries in three days! Tour the Gothic and Baroque architecture, explore the old cities, and learn the unique histories of Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava. And with EuroTrip Adventures, you have the freedom to build your own itinerary for each city, or join the private tours they offer! To maximize your time in these three cities, join the Central Europe tour with EuroTrip Adventures.

Visit Vienna as part of a three day trip to Central Europe!

Central Europe Itinerary

Once the bus arrives in Vienna, Austria on the first morning, you can take a 3-hour private walking and bus tour with a local guide, with a few hours afterwards to explore on your own. Alternatively, you can use the entire time to visit museums such as the Museum of Natural History and the Jewish Museum, or spend the day at Schönbrunn touring the palace, gardens, and zoo. Ask your tour guide for recommendations!

Schönbrunn palace in Vienna, Austria has a zoo as wel!

Later that day, arrive in Budapest, Hungary and check into the accommodations. Take the time to relax in your room, or if you still have the energy, walk around the city! The second day starts with breakfast, and then a 5-hour private walking and bus tour with a local guide (if you sign up!). If you choose not to take the private tour, you have the entire day to yourself to wander around Budapest. Whether you spend the entire day exploring Buda Castle, relaxing at the Thermal Baths, or simply barhopping, Budapest will keep you entertained! And even if you take the private walking tour, you will still have most of the afternoon and evening free to adventure.

The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest is designed in a neo-Gothic style

After breakfast on the third day, the bus departs for Bratislava, where you will have the afternoon free. Spend a couple hours at Bratislava Castle, and then relax at a restaurant or cafe in the Old Town (and enjoy the Christmas market if it’s the season!). Or take the entire afternoon to explore the different churches, such as the Blue Church and St. Martin’s Cathedral. As always, check with your EuroTrip Adventures tour guide for recommendations!

Heroes' Square in Budapest is a must-see

The private walking tours in Vienna and Budapest are optional. If you are interested in joining either or both of the tours, please bring cash to reserve your spot at the beginning of the trip.

TIP: While Austria and Slovakia are on the Euro (€), Hungary uses the Forint (Ft). Be sure to get some cash before the trip, or stop by an ATM soon after arriving in Budapest!

Bratislava castle is a highlight of visiting Central Europe

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ufo bar is on top of a bridge in Bratislava


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