Hi, I’m DT (Daniel Taylor), welcome to my video blog!  I’ve been filming and editing since 2013. I’m originally from Sacramento, CA but I currently live in Bavaria, Germany.  My wife and I have been traveling tough ever since we moved to Europe in the summer of 2014.

That’s the short story 😁

The long story:  We were only supposed to be in Europe for two years.  I was a young military officer and she was a teacher.  We found each other and fell in love back in Northern California in the summer of 2009.  Once I got out of the military, we moved to San Francisco where I transitioned to technology sales and she continued teaching.  Life was good, but we were young, we had no kids, and we wanted to see the world!

When I was in the military, I heard about an AMAZING job where teachers got hired from the US to work overseas at US military schools on base.  

The offer:  It was a 2 year contract minimum.  The US government would literally move you there, pay for your plane tickets, took care of your rent + utilities, and would also pay you a normal teacher salary.  I took mental notes.

Fast forward to San Francisco… I told my wife, “we HAVE to do this!”  She told me, “we are DEFINITELY doing this!” She applied in November 2013 and got an interview in July of 2014.  The job was located in Germany. It seemed like with the blink of an eye, she received the final offer letter, I quit my job, and we landed in Germany in August 2014, just in time to celebrate at Oktoberfest in September 🍻😉

DT and Emily find out they're moving to Germany!
We’re moving to Germany!

Once we arrived, there was no stopping us, we went EVERYWHERE!  We thought we only had 2 years, so every dime we spent went towards travel.  Meanwhile, I was able to exercise my passion of filming and editing as we bounced from country to country.  2 years and 20+ countries later, we thought, “Why not 2 more years?” 4yrs and 40+ countries later, we thought, “Why not 2 more years?”  So here we are, still living our dream in Germany, traveling the world, and that’s when I decided to give back.

DTV was established to help travelers like you navigate your way through Europe and beyond!  No matter what type of travel category you fit in (Solo, Family, On a Budget, Foodie, Ready to Party, Ready to Relax, etc), I want to provide you with valuable video content that will guide you through all your travel needs!    

DT and Emily at Neuschwanstein Castle, living their best lives in Germany
Our new European home of Bavaria, Germany! Neuschwanstein Castle

When it comes to travel, I believe it’s essential to find the initiative to just get up and GO!  When you get there, take a second to PAUSE in the moment, because #YOLO

(Pssst: You Only Live Once!)