How to Make Mint Tea in Marrakech

Mint tea is an essential part of your experience in Morocco. The sugary beverage is refreshing, even in the warm weather. And it’s not just for the morning or dessert. No matter where or what you eat, Moroccan mint tea will be a beverage of choice!

And it’s not difficult to make either. Our Atlas Mountains guide walked us through how to make mint tea, and we hope you try it, too.

How to Make Mint Tea Like the Moroccans

While there isn’t always a ceremony around its consumption, drinking mint tea is not something you do alone. You’ll see people drinking tea in front of shops, in restaurants, in homes, and in cafes, of course.

Drinking mint tea is a social activity. It’s a moment to share with your friends and family so that you can catch up on life.

You'll need to boil more water than what fits in the pot because you'll clean the pot with it


The green tea leaves come from China, but the method of making the tea is 100 percent Moroccan. You’ll also need mint leaves – he used dry sprigs, but you can also use fresh leaves. And, of course, you’ll need lots of sugar!

The tea leaves come from China, but the brewing and serving methods are Moroccan

Prepare the tea pot

First, boil the water and pour it into the tea pot without tea leaves. Swirl the water around and then discard it. This cleans the tea pot and warms it up a bit.

Then add the tea leaves to the pot (the measurement wasn’t exact). Pour in a bit of boiling water and swirl it around, making sure to submerge all the leaves. After a good shake and swirl, pour out the water.

Technically, you could drink this, but it’s considered dirty water. The process cleans the tea leaves and potentially prevents the tea from being bitter. In Morocco, they usually pour this water into a glass and then discard it. If you’re making it at home, you can probably just pour it down your sink.

Be generous with the amount of mint and sugar you add to the pot!

Serve the tea

Next, add the mint and sugar to the pot that still has tea in it. Add hot water and let it sit for a minute. Pour a couple glasses, and then add those servings back to the pot. This whole process – including pouring from up high – helps the sugar melt and the flavors combine. Do this process one more time, and then the tea is ready to serve.

Is pouring from up high essential to making Moroccan mint tea?

Is It Tea Time?

Now that you know how to make mint tea, consider setting aside some time for yourself and a friend! And even if you don’t make this recipe, be sure to spend some time talking to people whose company you enjoy.

Mint tea is available everywhere in Morocco!

Have you tried this recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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