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Zoigl is an unfiltered beer that is only brewed in the Oberpfalz region

Explore Germany

Get to Know Bavaria: Explore cities, nature, and castles in your local area during COVID

Oktoberfest: You have to go at least once!

PCS to Germany Checklist: Everything you need to know before moving

This is Weiden: The best town for families stationed at Grafenwoehr

Easy day trips: If you just PCSed to Germany, check out these must-see cities

PCSing to Hohenfels? Learn more about life around your new home

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Czech Republic has all kinds of historical buildings, breweries, and churches to tour - and don't forget to relax at a beer spa when you're finished!

Explore Czech Republic

Beer Bath Day Trip: just a 1-hour drive from Weiden!

Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour: Taste beer while touring the old underground…

Prague: Cheap beer, amazing architecture

A Quick Drive: Our top recommendations for anyone who is new to the area

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Greece is more than just white sands and blue roofs. Explore the islands and countryside!

Visit Greece

Things to Do in Lefkada: Check out the amazing landscapes while paragliding!

Cheap Flights to Thessaloniki: Take a weekend getaway to this quiet Greek town…

Experience Santorini (the Right Way): It’s a popular travel destination for a reason!

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Visit Austria to get upclose and personal with nature! Read my travel blogs at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Visit Austria

Salzburg: A Musical City: The birthplace of Mozart and the backdrop for The Sound of Music

Bring Home the Cows: Visit the Tyrol region for their famous cow parades!

Tour Vienna: A huge city that has tons of history and culture

Add to Your Bucket List: Austria is on our top 10 must-see travel destinations!

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Everything in Spain is delicious and beautiful, but every city is different! Learn more about travling to Spain at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Explore Spain

Walk Around San Sebastián: The small city in northern Spain is packed with things to do

Visit Valencia for the Fire Festival: Watch these elaborate sculptures burn!

Mallorca Travel Guide: Relax during the day, party when the sun goes down

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Every region in Italy has its own history and cuisine, but they are all undoubtedly Italian!

Explore Italy

Tour Bologna: A city famous for architecture and rich pasta dishes

Get Outside the City: 5 easy day trips outside Bologna (no car required!)

A Microstate Surrounded by Italy: Get another country stamped in your passport!

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Beautiful beaches and dreamy waterfalls - you have to visit Croatia! Learn more at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Visit Croatia

Where to Stay: This resort in Sibenik is the perfect location for a long weekend!

Zlatni Rat Beach: A complete guide to visiting this beach destination

Krka Waterfalls: Natural beauty at its finest!

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Interested in visiting all things big and small in France? Check out dtvdanieltelevision.com for your complete travel guide!

Visit France

First Time in Paris: What to see, how to get around, and where to stay

The Happiest Place in France: Disneyland Paris is for everyone!

Visit Versailles in the Summer: They have an incredible fire show in the gardens

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Goats in trees is certainly a highlight of Morocco, but there's plenty more to see! Check out my travel guides at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Tour Morocco

A Complete Guide to Tangier: Ride camels, drink mint tea, and explore the market!

Explore the Atlas Mountains: Learn more about Berber culture

How to Avoid Tannery Scams: You can enjoy Marrakesh without taking a tour

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Known for chocolate, watches, and banking, Switzerland has some amazing sights and things to do!

Explore Switzerland

Visit Basel Like a Local: Learn about the best chocolate shops, cafes, and clubs

The Best Basel Attractions: My top 8 recommendations of things to see

Rhine Falls and Zurich: A perfection combination of nature and urban sights!

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Iceland is truly a unique experience. Check out my travel guide at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Visit Iceland

Relax in the Blue Lagoon: A travel guide for the famous spa

The Best Waterfalls: Check out our top 4 waterfalls to visit!

Is it even possible to drink every beer made in Belgium? Find your perfect travel itinerary at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Visit Belgium

Belgium in a Day: Hit up all the cultural classics!

More coming soon

Romania should be on your bucket list! Learn more about what to do in Bucarest at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Explore Romania

Visit Bucharest: You can experience the capital of Romania on any budget!

Take a Break at Therme Bucharest: Relax in the saunas and pools for a day

Every state in the USA has something different and amazing to offer. Learn how to plan your ultimate vacation at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Explore the U.S.

Sacramento: My Hometown: All of the best things to do in the California capital!

A Taste of Kansas City: BBQ, music, history, and more

Eat Your Heart Out in San Francisco: A 2-part guide to the best places to eat

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Hungary has such a rich culture that you just can't miss! Learn more at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Visit Hungary

Budapest has dozens of museums and historical monuments, as well as a buzzing nightlife!

Tulips, windmills, coffee shops, cheese, canals...find it all in the Netherlands! Learn more at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Tour the Netherlands

While the tulips only bloom in the spring, the Netherlands has plenty more to offer all-year round!

There's so much to do in the United Kingdom, you'll have to make more than one trip! Learn more at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Visit the UK

There are so many things to do and experience in London!

Slovakia is a beautiful, laid back country (and not crowded with tourists!)

Visit Slovakia

Don’t underestimate Bratislava! Check out the castle, drink some beer, and check out the UFO Bar.

Ukraine has a rich history with plenty of things to do!

Visit Ukraine

Kiev is full of amazing architecture and delicious food! And while you don’t want to spend too much time in the Chernobyl zone, it’s plenty safe to visit.

If you're looking for a beautiful, relaxed vacation, consider visiting Bosnia!

Explore Bosnia

Mozar, Bosnia has incredible architecture tucked away in these mountainous regions. And you won’t want to miss the bridge jumpers!

Lake Bled is a must-see destination in Slovenia!

Tour Slovenia

Whether you prefer long hikes in nature or small city tours, Slovenia has plenty of things to keep you entertained.

Cruises are a great way to visit multiple countries at once! Check out our cruise travel guide at dtvdanieltelevision.com

Take a Cruise

Cruises are a great way to visit multiple countries in one trip! Check out our Royal Caribbean Cruise guide to plan your vacation like a pro.

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