K-Town Germany Food Tour: The Best Restaurants in Kaiserslautern Military Community

Most of my experience as an American living in Germany is in Bavaria. But there’s also a large Kaiserslautern military community in Rhineland-Palatinate. And no matter where Americans move abroad, their first mission is to find the best grub! So I visited the best restaurants in Kaiserslautern (also known as K-Town Germany), and here are my recommendations.

This brownie with vanilla ice cream and popcorn at Burgerzone Kaiserslautern is a perfect combo of sweet and salty

Know Before You Go

Before you visit any of these restaurants, I have a few pieces of advice!

Get yourself a cheesy steak quesadilla at Fiesta Mexicana in K-Town Germany

Bring cash

Many restaurants don’t accept card, and K-Town Germany is no exception. If you don’t have any cash (bargeld), ask the restaurant where the closest ATM (geldautomat) is before you sit down.

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How to tip

Tipping in Germany is different than in the States. If you try to tip 20 percent, many waitresses will reject it! You may feel it’s a nice gesture, but it’s truly unheard of here.

For most service, you can round up the tab. So if your total comes to €21.60, consider paying €22. If you enjoyed the service, you can round up and add €1 on top of that.

Also, never leave cash on the table – it’s considered rude! In the event you don’t settle your bill with your waiter and you want to leave a tip, find your waiter and hand him the cash directly.

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If you're craving Philly cheesesteaks and living in Germany, you have to visit Dropzown in Kaiserslautern

Helpful words

Restaurants in K-Town Germany will likely have English-speaking staff, but here are a few useful words to know just in case:

  • Bitteschön = please: People use this to ask for something politely. The waiter may say it when he comes over to your table as a manner of asking “How can I help you?” You can also say it to get your waiter’s attention.
  • Danke/vielen dank = thank you/thank you very much: this one you should know by now!
  • • Noch ein Bier = another beer: definitely the most important phrase.

You can also ask for an English menu!

Asian Restaurants in Kaiserslautern

Good Asian food can be hard to find in Germany. But if you’re living in Germany near an American community, the odds are in your favor!

Restaurant Seoul serves up delicious Korean food for the Kaiserslautern military community and beyond


Good Korean food might be the most dependable Asian cuisine you can find around military communities in Germany. I had the pork bulgogi and handmade spring rolls with duck for lunch, which were both delicious and filling for a good price.

If you’ve ever been to Korea, I highly recommend Seoul to satisfy your cravings. Just remember to bring cash!

Good Asian restaurants can be hard to find when living in small town Germany. Mr. Lian in K-Town serves up delicious Japanese food!

Mr. Lian

Japanese cuisine is often centered around seafood, which can be hit or miss in a mostly landlocked country. But the grilled salmon at Mr. Lian is flavorful and cooked well.

It’s a bit pricy, but the quality of food is worth it. So if you have a special occasion to celebrate with a loved one, check it out!

European Restaurants in Kaiserslautern

Both German and Italian restaurants are easy to come by when living in Germany. But that doesn’t mean they’re always good! If you’re looking for (a lot of) good food at a good price, these are the two I recommend.

Enjoy some classic German cuisine at Big Emma's, like this jaegerschnitzel (not made with jäger)

Big Emma’s

If you hadn’t guessed from the name, Big Emma’s serves big portions. If you crave a good schnitzel or have family visiting, I recommend coming here!

Jägerschnitzel can occasionally be a bit salty, but this was was perfectly seasoned – and also BIG! After you order, visit the salad bar to get some greenery. The schnitzel comes with a salad, but extra vegetables won’t hurt!

Enjoy a variety of Italian food at Trattoria da Salvatore in K-Town Germany

Trattoria da Salvatore

Unless you go to Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or the Shoppette, you won’t find American style pizza anywhere! But you can find good Italian food at Trattoria da Salvatore.

They have familiar favorites, like penne with chicken, spaghetti bolognese, and rigatoni puttanesca. If you’re looking for some Italian comfort food, this is your place!

My 2nd KMC Food Tour!

Mexican Restaurants in Kaiserslautern

Let’s be honest: Mexican food is the one cuisine that all Americans abroad crave. It’s really the reason you’re reading this article, right? I won’t be mad – I miss it too! (If you’re here for the Mexican food, just leave me a 🌮 in the comments)

Tamales, refried beans, rice, guacamole - Cantina Mexicana in K-Town Germany has it all!

Cantina Mexicana

When you shop for ingredients on the German economy, you might find some tortillas and “salsa,” but it will only get you so far. At Cantina Mexicana, you can get refried beans, Spanish rice, tamales, margaritas, and more!

As a native Californian, I can tell you with confidence that Cantina Mexicana has what you need.

Do you miss breakfast burritos? Go to The Alamo in K-Town Germany to get your fix!

The Alamo

If you’re looking for some San Antonio breakfast tacos, head to The Alamo! They offer quite the selection to build your own taco or burrito, including crispy bacon and breakfast sausage.

And they don’t just serve breakfast – they’re open for lunch, dinner, and dessert, too.

What does every American living in Germany miss about home? No matter where in the States you're from, you miss Mexican food! Luckily, Fiesta Mexicana in Kaiserslautern has a legit fix

Fiesta Mexicana

We all know that the best restaurants are often the hardest to find. Fiesta Mexican is no different. In fact, it’s part of a German gästhaus!

They have some of the best tacos you’ll find in the country. And you know they’re good because they’re served with radish. This place is so legit, they even have elotes. Honestly, when was the last time you saw corn on a menu in Germany?

African Restaurants in Kaiserslautern

Spice things up with some African food!

Safari in K-Town Germany serves up delicious east African cuisine!


If you don’t like eating without utensils, this one might be tough for you – but it’s worth it! Safari serves up east African cuisine, which means almost every dish is served with enjera, which is a spongy, crepe-like bread that isn’t sweet.

It’s a great restaurant, especially if you’re looking for something completely different from your daily routine. I ordered the Kulwa Alicha, which is marinated lamb served with salad and extra enjera. Highly recommend!

The biscuits and gravy at Dropzown in K-Town Germany are a nice balance of sweet and salty. 100% comfort food!


It looks like a philly cheese steak joint at first, which it is, but it’s so much more than that. They serve up a variety of American and Kenyan food, including fish and grits, hot wings, samosas, and American-style breakfast.

You also have to try their biscuits and gravy! The sweet biscuits smothered with gravy is balanced perfection on a platter.

My 3rd KMC Food Tour – more local favs to include food on base!

American Restaurants in Kaiserslautern

Pancakes, burgers, BBQ – sometimes you need a little taste of America while you’re living in Germany. Luckily, K-Town has some great options!

For anyone craving American pancakes, you have to go to Sanders in Kaiserslautern


While they’re not necessarily an American restaurant, Sander’s is where you want to go for breakfast. And enjoying a hearty breakfast seems like a classic American way to start the day.

Treat yourself to an omelette, a platter of pancakes, a breakfast sandwich, or even a cinnamon roll. The options are nearly endless.

Craving big burgers? Check out Burgerzone in Kaiserslautern Germany!

Burger Zone

If you’re looking for a go-to burger place, make it Burger Zone! They have a wide range of burgers, but I can easily recommend the BBQ Master, the onion rings, and the dirty fries. It’s indulgent, but that’s what you want from a burger spot, right?

And don’t sleep on dessert! The brownie with vanilla ice cream and popcorn is truly decadent.

Get your sports bar fix with burgers and beer at Anchos in KTown Germany


Whether you want a chill dinner with the family or a night out with friends, Anchos has everything you need. And I really mean everything.

COVID-19 Update: Anchos has closed their brick and mortar location, but now have a food truck!

You can get American food, Italian food, German food, Mexican food, and a variety of craft beers on tap! Watch the game while you eat and sing some karaoke afterwards.

Anchos in Kaiserslautern serves up all kinds of burgers!

Where to Eat in K-Town Germany

I couldn’t eat everything on every menu, but these restaurants in K-Town Germany are DTV approved! Do you have more recommendations? What’s your favorite restaurant in this area?

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