Things to Do in Lefkada: My Top 3 Attractions

You could relax on the beaches of Lefkada, or you can take it up a notch – literally! Soar above the island and dive into the caves to enjoy this Greek island to the max. Here are my top 3 things to do while you’re in Lefkada:

Relax on Porto Katsiki beach in Lefkada!

1. Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki is stunning, and one of the more popular Lefkada beaches with its clear blue water situated right under the cliffs. Accessible by boat or car, this beach is free for anyone to enjoy. Be sure to bring everything you need because there are no shops on the beach. And don’t forget your umbrella and a hat – there’s not much shade.

Take a short swim around the cliffs to see the hidden caves around Porto Katsiki!

Before you go paragliding, have a hearty breakfast in Lefkada!

2. Paragliding over Lefkada

If you want to see the entire island, I recommend paragliding with Fly Lefkada. Yes, I was a little scared too, but once we got in the air, I felt like I was on top of the world! The view of Lefkada beaches from above is absolutely incredible. The instructors are very friendly and very skilled at paragliding. I felt safe and extremely comfortable working with this company.

They also provide a GoPro camera for you to film your ride, and then they give you the footage right after you land. Be aware: they only offer tandem flights from June through September. But for 15 glorious minutes, you can experience the most unique and peaceful view of the island from above.

They take off from Rachi Restaurant, where you should definitely eat breakfast and enjoy the view. Indulge yourself in a sweet or savory breakfast of pancakes, pastries, sandwiches, and eggs!

Paragliding over Lefkada has to be on your to do list

3. Kathisma Beach

If you go paragliding with Fly Lefkada, you will likely land on Kathisma Beach, where you can watch the sunset and enjoy dinner at one of the local restaurants. (Fly Lefkada will bring your belongings.)

Bonus tip: If you see the donut man on the beach, try them all!


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