12 Hours in Los Angeles

Los Angeles: an iconic California city, known for bad traffic, big media, and beautiful beaches. I only had 12 hours to enjoy Los Angeles, but I made the most of my time! Here’s what I recommend if you only have a short time to explore L.A.

DTV spends just 12 hours exploring Los Angeles!

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach has wide sidewalks full of bicyclists and rollerbladers, and the beach itself has volleyball nets, sun bathers, and the occasional street vendor. If you wanted, you could spend all 12 hours of your time in L.A. just walking, drinking, and eating along the beach.

Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ

Since 2003, this Brazilian BBQ restaurant has been serving up all kinds of grilled delights. They offer salads, sides, sandwiches, platters, and meat by the pound! At 11 a.m. I treated myself to a beer and a picanha bahia bowl while watching the Brazil game – because why not?

Biking in Los Angeles is more scenic than you may think

Local Bike Tour

Los Angeles is actually a great city for a bike tour because it’s flat with wide roads. And when I was tired of biking, we stopped for tacos at the corner of Hobart and Pico.

Some of the best tacos you will ever have

After that, we picked up some beers and headed to L.A. River. As you may imagine, L.A. doesn’t have much nature. This river is a large stream of water flowing between railroad tracks and some warehouses. It’s a beautiful ride, in its own city-dwelling way.

And even though we had to carry our bikes for part of the route, our second beer spot was Elysian Park, which has a stunning view of the city. The concrete jungle has its charms, I’ll give it that.

Biking throughout LA is better than sitting in a car on the 101


And of course, the tour brought be back to the heart of L.A.: a taco joint.

If you only have a day in L.A., this is the way to do it! See more videos below to plan your California dream vacation


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