EuroTrip Adventures: 2 Countries, 1 Day

One of the benefits of living in Europe is visiting more than one country in a day! With EuroTrip Adventures, you can see the highlights of Liechtenstein and Austria in one day trip. You can even get your passport stamped!

Vaduz Marketplatz in Liechtenstein

2 Countries, 1 Day Itinerary

The bus arrives in Vaduz, Liechtenstein early in the morning. You will have a little less than two hours to explore the country’s capital, but you won’t need much more than that to explore! As of 2017, the city’s population was just 5,521 people (Liechtenstein’s total population was estimated at 38,547).

Visit Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein, where the royal family still resides!

Walk around the market and enjoy the sculptures throughout the city. You can visit Vaduz Castle, but it’s not open to the public because the royal family still lives there.

Pro-tip: Liechtenstein uses the Swiss franc. If you have any left from your previous trip to Switzerland, bring them! Otherwise, you may just want to use your card during the few hours you’re visiting.

Old Town in Innsbruck, Austria on the 2 Countries, 1 Day trip with EuroTrip Adventures!

The tour arrives in Innsbruck, Austria in the early afternoon, where you will have the rest of the day and evening to explore on your own! Visit Ambrass Castle, walk around Old Town, and try the signature Sacher Torte. Ask your tour guide or check out the app for recommendations.

But no matter what, we highly recommend you take the cable car up the Nordkette! Enjoy the view of the countryside with a beer or coffee, then either hike down or take the cable car. Or while you’re up there, check out the Alpine Zoo.

A beautiful view of Innsbruck from the Tyrol Mountains in Austria!

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