PCS to Germany: Your First Look at Vilseck, Germany!

Welcome to your first look at Vilseck, Germany! If you’re PCSing to Vilseck, this will give you a good idea of what the city has to offer. Vilseck is a small Bavarian village outside of Vilseck Army Base (aka Rose Barracks). Rose Barracks is connected to Grafenwoehr Army Base (aka Tower Barracks), about 30mins away.

Welcome to Vilseck Germany

You’ll notice that Vilseck and the other surrounding towns are small with buildings in various colors. For instance, to get a visual of the size of Vilseck, it’s roughly a little smaller than Disneyworld 101km2 (39 sq. mi) and has a population of about 6000+

Fun Fact: Vilseck is named after the location of the town castle: Burg Dagestein which sits on the corner of the “Vils” river; Corner = “eck” in German. Hence the name, Vilseck

Aerial view of Burg Dagestein & St Ägidius Church in Vilseck Germany

Walking tour

Vilseck provides plenty of great scenic routes along the river to walk or bike. To find all the trails in the area, take a short walk through the town and you’ll notice a city map, “Marktpl. 2, 92249 Vilseck” that shows you all the trails in the city. For added convenience, there’s a QR code for you to scan that shows all of them here.

When checking out the town of Vilseck, there are three things you must see!

1. Burg Dagestein

Burg Dagestein was built in the 12th Century and is one of the oldest historical buildings in the town. Today it is used for weddings, ceremonies, group meetings, festivals, and tours. Check with Vilseck City Hall for guided tour options.

2. St Ägidius Church 

Another beautiful 12th century catholic parish church that sits right in the middle of the city.

If you’re looking for an American Church in Vilseck, Germany check out Highpoint Baptist Church.

Vilseck train station

3. Train station 

This might be an unlikely place to check out, but this is your go-to destination to travel anywhere in Europe! You can use a kiosk at the train station to buy tickets or schedule your trip online with the DB Navigator (Deutsche Bahn) app.

If you’re new to the German train system, learn how to ride in my recent video from Vilseck to Ramstein below!

Driving Tour Around Vilseck Germany

When driving around Vilseck, Grafenwoehr, and the surrounding area, it is primarily farmlands. Unfortunately, this means, on occasion, you might find yourself stuck behind tractors, trailers, tanks, or trucks. Trucks in Germany are known as LKWs or Lastkraftwagen.

We will start our driving tour at military car sales right outside of the main gate to give you a visual of what the surrounding area and neighborhood look like from a car.

Quick Tip: if you’re stationed at Vilseck, you’ll want to know where Grafenwoehr (Tower Barracks) is located because you’ll continuously drive (or shuttle bus) to both during your stay. Grafenwoehr is actually where you’ll do most of your in-processing.

tank trail from vilseck to grafenwoehr germany

A huge training area connects both bases, which takes about 30 minutes. To get to/from each base, you can take the “tank trail.” If you choose to take this route by car/bus it can be slow but sometimes necessary. Another option is to take the route off base, but watch your speed when traveling these roads because there are speed traps.


The first stop in my driving tour was Sorghof. Here you’ll find a great burger bar (Zum Sudlager) that serves pizza, beer, and cocktails – such as homemade lemonade with or without alcohol. There is also Angus steak house for fancy eating. The town has plenty of playgrounds, a soccer field, and a skate park to keep the kids busy.


Next we have Schlicht with a variety of scenic walking and biking trails. Also, don’t forget to check out the beautiful Pfarrkirche St. Georg church that sits on the hill.

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Finally, when arriving in Vilseck you’ll notice a few grocery store options that you need to check out. One is Edeka, a more modern grocery store, and Netto a beverage retail and grocery store. Vilseck also has Nahkauf as a third option to get off-base groceries for the family.

I highly recommend checking out these stores and taking advantage of shopping locally vs. the commissary. For instance, produce lasts longer off-base, and as an added bonus, each grocery store has a small bakery in it.

Although Vilseck has a Commissary & PX, Grafenwoehr will be your main hub for shopping. Get your first look at the Grafenwoehr PX & Commissary!

Before continuing our journey, a quick stop at the Vronis Hundesalon (dog groomer) for Baxter to enjoy an afternoon of pampering. To learn more about the behind scenes of his grooming experience, check out this video below.

Next on our stop is The Zollhaus or “tax house,” which used to be a toll center for passers crossing the former drawbridge.

Then we have the Vogeltrum Tower (Bird Tower), one of the most recognizable features in Vilseck. Throughout history, the tower was used for various things. For instance, it was home to the watchmen and their families during medieval times.

Cars driving by the Zollhaus and Vogelturm tower in Vilseck Germany

Watchmen would literally live with their families in the tower to be on 24hr lookout for emergencies, such as fires and intruders. It was a requirement for watchmen to play instruments so they could alarm the city from high above.

Are you looking for housing information around Vilseck? Then check out our FULL housing guide!

Coffee break anyone? All the walking and site seeing can work up an appetite. Nothing beats stopping into a local bakery like Stadtbäckerei Schaller to grab a cup of coffee along with a freshly baked chocolate croissant.

When you open your mind to exploring this tiny village, you’ll come across delightful hidden gems. Vilseck Germany offers kid friendly activities such as small parks, ice cream stands in the spring/summer, and the public swimming pool.

What’s to eat around Vilseck? Here’s some food options on/off base, and you’ll definitely want these chicken wings right outside the gate.

Final Tips about Vilseck, Germany

Although a small city, you live in Germany now, so take advantage of exploring the towns, food and culture, you never know what you’ll find.

When you get the urge to travel, hop on the train and go to Paris, Rome, or just about anywhere in Europe!

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