Grafenwoehr Germany Auto Repair Shop and Car Service Center: KFZ Rupprecht

Experience and expertise are why KFZ Rupprecht Auto Repair Grafenwoehr is the best place for your vehicle.

Whether you have an American or a European car, KFZ Rupprecht Auto Repair Grafenwoehr has the staff to take care of your vehicle’s needs.

Car Care Options in Grafenwoehr & Vilseck

You’ve arrived in Grafenwoehr, and you brought your car.

Great! But what now?

Before you go traveling around Germany, have you thought about where to get routine maintenance for your vehicle?

Do you have the right tires for the outside elements? What if you need a tow? Rental car?

You’ve probably noticed there’s not a lot of car care options on base. Maybe only 1 per base as well as a “self help” automotive skills center.

But do you really have the time to learn how to change your own tires, fix your brakes, and change your oil?

Yeah, I don’t.

With nearly 40K people connected to Grafenwoehr & Vilseck, limited car care options on base means long waits and frustrated customers.

If you’re feeling this pain (like I did), then maybe it’s time we explore some off base options.

Luckily, I’ve already done the research for you.

KFZ Rupprecht

Welcome to your local auto repair shop, KFZ Rupprecht Auto Repair, located right outside of Gate 6 in Grafenwoehr.  Since 2015 this company has been servicing the local German/American residents.

Let’s be real. Finding a reliable auto repair shop in another country, let alone the US, can be intimidating.

I get it.

In fact, we have a Mercedes, and we used to get ridiculous routine maintenance bills from the dealership. That is, until we found this place. 

I’ve been working with Markus and his team since 2015, and I 100% trust them to take care of all my POV maintenance.

At the bare minimum, you can expect an english speaking, customer friendly team that accepts military VAT forms.

But they offer so much more…

KFZ Rupprecht car care services grafenwoehr germany

Auto Repair Grafenwoehr Car Care Services

KFZ Rupprecht is a family-owned business. Markus Rupprecht is the owner, his wife works at the front desk, and even his young kids know more about fixing my car than I do.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not KFZ Rupprecht is a place for you, here’s a list of what they can do:

– Smart repairs (small scratches, little dents, accident repairs, resprays)

– Mechanical work on just about any type of car or truck (EU/AMERICAN, auto/manual transmissions, hybrid, etc)

– Rental cars

– Junk car recommendations

– Towing w/in 100km around Grafenwoehr

– Car detailing

– An entire paint service center

– On-base access

– English speaking customer service

VAT form payment

– And they’ll even communicate directly with your insurance companies for claims and payments

You’ll find affordable prices here, friendly staff that has worked with a variety of vehicles, and it’s literally right outside the base. Give them a call, shoot them an email, or just walk in to get started. 

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KFZ Rupprecht contact information:

Address: Am Flugplatz 14, Grafenwoehr, Germany

Telephone: 09641 9290909

Email: info@kfzrupprecht.de

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2 comments on “Grafenwoehr Germany Auto Repair Shop and Car Service Center: KFZ Rupprecht

  1. Wow, this is a lifesaver for those of us stationed in Grafenwoehr! 🚗 Your detailed insight into KFZ Rupprecht Auto Repair is pure gold. It’s such a relief to have a reliable, English-speaking, and family-owned auto repair shop just outside Gate 6. The range of services they offer, from smart repairs to mechanical work and even dealing with insurance claims, is incredibly impressive. And knowing they accept military VAT forms adds an extra layer of convenience. Thanks for doing the legwork and sharing this gem of a find! 🌟

    1. My pleasure! I know how intimidating it can be to come to a new country, not knowing the language, but in need of local resources. I hope they can help you out! Let them know I sent you 😉

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