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DTV Daniel Television is a content creator who helps incoming military families “PCS to Germany” with preparation videos, local travel information, and lifestyle vlogs as an American living in Germany.

Daniel “DT” Taylor has been living in Grafenwoehr, Germany with his wife and puppy since 2014.

I create FREE video content to help make your transition to Germany as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Below you will find my blueprint for a successful move to Germany:

1) PCS Preparation

2) Travel & Exploration

3) Local Life as an American Living in Germany

Learn how to live your best life as an American in Germany!

PCS Preparation to GERMANY

Are you PCSing to Germany soon? I’ve created preparation videos and travel guides just for you!

START HERE: Regardless of your base, branch of service, active duty or civilian, here’s 30 Things you MUST know BEFORE PCSing to Germany with the US Military.

It includes information about getting your NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) passport, EFMP screenings, how to pack, how to PCS with pets, and more!

stressed out about pcsing to germany
Click the image for the 30 Things you MUST know BEFORE PCSing to Germany!

DTV Daniel Television PCS Checklist(s)

Are you a checklist person? If there’s one thing PCSing to Germany has taught us, it’s that you need to be SUPER organized. Trust me, we’ve been there too, we know the challenges:

– New acronyms

– Stressing out about appointments

– Waiting for orders to drop & command sponsorship

– Applying for multiple passports

– Securing a reliable sponsor

Kids & child care

Pets & airline tickets

– Clearing EFMP

Shipping/selling your car

– Finding a new house on/off base

– Packing for UAB, HHG, & personal luggage

and it goes on and on…

This is EXACTLY why I created a comprehensive checklist that has helped thousands of military families find a solution to their PCS problems.

See what some of our supporters & community spouses have to say:

DTV Daniel Television PCS to Germany checklist youtube comments
DTV PCS to germany testimony
TikTok Testimonial from Army spouse Rosemary Grassi

I want to share something with you that has helped us PCS to Germany… we’ve started using it and it’s been a blessing to us, it has made this starting point very easy and keeps you very organized…

– Rosemary Grassi

DTV Daniel Television PCS checklist testimonial from youtube comment
DTV Daniel Television PCS to Germany checklist testimonial and comment from youtube

After years of listening, researching, and testing we created the The ULTIMATE “PCS to Germany” Checklist. This checklist has been PROVEN to take you down a path that will help you feel confident about taking action and relieving some stress during PCS season.

You can learn about both our FREE version and the Ultimate version below.

NEW Ultimate “PCS to Germany” Checklist! I’ve got every stage of your move covered!

FREE PCS to Germany Checklist and the Ultimate PCS Checklist for your military move

Get Our FREE Checklist!

PCS to Germany “Cheat Sheets”

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Your “First Look” Videos!

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“Live like a tourist, travel like a local.” As an American living in Grafenwoehr, Germany, it’s easy to enjoy the Bavaria region like a tourist! Depending on what you’re looking for, we’ve put together a couple guides to help you live life to the fullest in Bavaria.

Not sure where you want to travel? Or how you want to travel? Start with some of the most popular attractions and countries! Or visit the Video Blog page to find your destination country.


For a quick look, check out our latest videos on various topics to include travel, food tours, and PCSing to Germany!