Top Weiden Restaurants: Where to Eat in Weiden in der Oberpfalz

In one of the largest cities in the Oberpfalz, Weiden restaurants offer a wider variety of cuisines than most towns in the area. You can find Indian food, burger stands, Italian restaurants, small cafes, Chinese take-out, and upscale restaurants – just to name a few options.

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Coffee, Eggs, and mini pancake breakfast inside of Edelweiss cafe in Weiden
Edelweiss – Breakfast

Americans Living in Germany: Know Before You Go

First and foremost, bring cash. Whether you just PCSed to Germany or if you’ve lived here for years, you will occasionally forget! Luckily, however, an ATM (geldautomat) will usually be within walking distance of the restaurant.

Braumeister Pfandl- pork with fried egg, bacon, butter spätzle, and sauerkraut at Bräu Wirt
Bräuwirt – Braumeister-Pfandl

If you’re driving to a restaurant around the marktplatz, there’s a parking garage right across from Ruff Burger. It’s cash only (of course), and from 8am to 8pm, it costs €0.90 for the first hour, and every additional hour is €1.20.

You should park here if you’re going to the Weiden Farmer’s Market!

But if you’re going to a restaurant that’s not around the marktplatz, street parking may be your best option. Some places will have a small parking lot for 4 or 5 cars, but don’t count on grabbing one of those spots!

Mama's BBQ burger and hot dog tater tots
MAMA’s Fresh Streetfood Company – Pulled Pork Burger & Chili Hot Dog

Have questions about bringing your car to Germany? We have a PCS Guide for that!

Also, when in doubt, make a dinner reservation. Even if it’s during the week, many restaurants will fill up quickly. Lunch is usually safe for impromptu outings, but if a restaurant is known for awesome breakfast, I recommend making a reservation just in case.

Veggie penne pasta at Kleine Freiheit in Weiden
Kleine Freiheit – Penne Pasta with fresh vegetables, pine nuts, parmesan, and cream sauce

And if you want to leave a tip after your meal (which you should), you can just round up the tab. So if your total comes to €21.60, consider paying €22. If you enjoyed the service, you can round up and add €1 – €5 on top of that. Usually a higher bill means you received more service from the waiters and staff, which requires a little more of a tip (15-20% rule). And don’t leave the cash on the table – it’s considered rude!

Korean BBQ 2.0 burger, Spicy chicken burger, BLT, Frenchie burger, and onion rings at nina & velja's kitchen in weiden
Nina & Velja’s Kitchen – Variety of Burgers

Top Weiden Restaurants for Burgers

Nina & Velja’s Kitchen

Although not a dedicated burger restaurant (they cook everything here), Nina & Velja know how to make a mean burger! I’d argue these burgers are the overall best burgers in Weiden. The meats, sauces, and vegetables are all made in house, locally sourced, and are always fresh for the week. You’ll get anything from falafel burgers to mexican, korean BBQ, the BLT, and of course your classic cheese burger (Oh and you MUST try the onion rings). Ok, more on this restaurant in a bit…

Mama's burger with fries and bacon in weiden
MAMA’s Fresh Streetfood Company – Double Cheeseburger & Bacon Fries

Mama’s Fresh Streetfood Company

Mama’s serves amazing burgers (and hot dogs) at a small burger stand right outside of the city center – Regensburger Str. 59, 92637 Weiden in der Oberpfalz.

You will find a wide range of burgers and dogs here as well as an assortment of fries. You can build your own burgers here, or check out their salads, sandwiches, and typical Bavarian curry wurst.

Weiden restaurants have a number of burger options including the Vegan burger at Wam no 1
Wam No1 – Vegan Burger

Wam No1

Wam no1 is the most recent player in the Weiden burger game, and so far they’re winning over my heart! They have vegan and vegetarian options, but for anyone eating a beef patty, they grind their hamburger meat fresh.

And for those of you who love fries (which is everyone), they have a much wider variety than most: waffle fries, crinkle fries, regular fries, and sweet potato fries! Can’t decide? Get them mixed!

Wam no 1 Bonanza burger and mixed fries
Wam No1 – Bonanza Burger and Mixed Fries

And you should stick around for dessert because the owner is also a pastry chef. (Ever had tiramisu made with beer?)

Pro-tip: Even though Steaklounge Weiden is known for their steaks, you should definitely try the burger!

Best Places for Breakfast in Weiden

All you can eat breakfast at Wiener Cafe in Weiden in der Oberpfalz
Wiener Cafe: Café Center – Breakfast Buffet

Wiener Cafe

This Weiden restaurant is all about breakfast and located inside of the Cafe Center in downtown. Enjoy the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet at Weiner Cafe every Saturday morning from 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. for just €8,90. You’ll find the traditional assortment of cold cuts, bread, yogurt, and cheese, but they also have assorted fruit and roasted vegetables.

And if you’re especially hungry, you can also order from the menu. I recommend scrambled eggs with mini pieces of bacon mixed in. Menu items cost extra, but this is a great deal if you want breakfast on a budget.

Breakfast plates at Le Pére restaurant
Le Pére – Savoury Crêpe Breakfast

Le Pére (plus Konditorei & Café Fissl)

Le Pére is another popular breakfast and brunch destination. They serve these beautiful tiers of meat, cheese, fruits, and tiny baked goods that are 100% Instagrammable (and also delicious)!

The owners of Le Pére also own Konditorei & Café Fissl, the oldest pastry shop in Weiden. They offer a wider variety than other pastry shops you may find in Germany, and all their recipes are unique (and family-owned).

Edelweiss cafe mini pancakes in Weiden
Edelweiss – Mini Pancakes


Edelweiss’s small, rustic interior is perfect for a quiet meet-up with a friend at any time during the day. And if it’s nice out, they have a lovely patio as well.

Every day they serve breakfast items such as eggs, cold cut platters, and mini pancakes called poffertjes (my personal favorite). But on Sundays they go all out on their brunch buffet! Again – reservations are highly recommended.

Top Italian Restaurants in Weiden

The pizza at L'italiano Pizza e Pasta Bar in Stadt Weiden in der Oberpfalz
L’Italiano Pizza e Pasta Bar – Pizza L’Italiano

L’Italiano Pizza e Pasta Bar

Spoiler Alert: they serve amazing pizza! Located next to the alte Rathaus (old city hall), L’Italiano Pizza is one of the only pizza bars I know of that also serves coffee, great pasta, and pizza by the slice. I recommend the Hawaii pizza with a stuffed cheese crust “Käse-rund.”

L'Italiano Pizza e Pasta Bar Salami Pizza
L’Italiano Pizza e Pasta Bar – Pizza Salami

Pro tip: If you’re drinking wine at Hansel & Gretel, you can bring your pizza inside to enjoy!

They also have a food truck that pops up around Weiden in der Oberpfalz at various events. Plus, they’re one of the few Weiden restaurants that delivers, and they’re open late Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Ask for Mario and Luigi! (seriously – they’re the owners.)

Diablo pizza at Mi Piace Pizzabar in Weiden
Mi Piace Pizzabar- Diavolo with Pineapples

Mi Piace Pizzabar

This pizza joint off the marktplatz has amazing pies for take-out. Their Instagram feed is delicious in itself, but you have to check it out for the weekly specials!

They have tasty twists and combos like buffala mozzarella and pistachio, Tex-Mex, or even a curry pizza. But every once in a while they’ll have a really far-fetched flavor, like their kiwi pizza.


Did you know that there’s an airstrip in Weiden? Maybe that’s why this Italian restaurant is named after the flying horse! And when the weather is nice, you can sit outside of Pegasus and watch the planes arrive and take off.

This is definitely a restaurant that you wouldn’t find by simply wandering around Weiden, but it’s a worthy destination. Make a reservation so that you can enjoy their spaghetti amatriciana or tiramisu.

Family owned Weiden restaurants: Trattoria Bologna chef preparing a pasta dish

Trattoria Bologna

Trattoria Bologna is another restaurant that’s not near the Weiden marktplatz, but absolutely worth a visit!

It’s been family owned since 1994 and serves an ever-changing menu. When you arrive, you’ll see all the fresh dishes written on their chalkboard, including a variety of seafood.

Huge fish at Trattoria Bologna restaurant
Different Italian dishes at Trattoria Bologna
Trattoria Bologna – Various Dishes

It’s my favorite pasta in Weiden, and if you’re a fan of lobster, you can order their lobster pasta in advance.

Vulcano Pizza and Cappricciosa Pizza from Pomodorino Weiden
Pomodorino – Pizza Vulcano & Cappricciosa


After shutting down Trattoria Bologna during the pandemic, the owners decided to open up Pomodorino right down the street. This was a good move, a really good move.

With more of a focus on their pizza, Pomodorino has quickly become the new Italian go-to for take out and delivery. Try their infamous “Vulcano Pizza” to see what you’re missing out on, it’s absolutely delicious!

Hawaii pizza and Aperol Spritz at Kleine Freiheit in Weiden
Kleine Freiheit – Pizza Hawaii

Kleine Freiheit

This is the best Italian restaurant to visit during nice weather! And it’s another restaurant that you won’t necessarily stumble upon.

Kleine Freiheit even has a playground for younger children, as well as live bands or DJs perform on occasion. Treat yourself to some amazing pizza and nature views!

La Vita spaghetti and shrimp dish in Weiden
La Vita – Spaghetti alla Bùsera

La Vita

La Vita is a popular Italian restaurant on the marktplatz, and it’s easy to see why! Their portions are generous, they can seat large parties, and the atmosphere is cozy (but the restaurant is larger than you think).

Popular Restaurants in the Weiden Marktplatz

While I recommend that you make a reservation when possible, sometimes you need to just make a spontaneous decision to go out!

Zoigl is an unfiltered beer that is only brewed in the Oberpfalz region
Kloine Zoigl Stub’n Zum Stich’n – Zoigl Beer

Kloine Zoigl Stub’n Zum Stich’n

A stub’n is like a Bavarian pub, but cozier. If you want to experience a tiny Bavarian beer pub with loud Germans, beer toasting, and good company, then this is your spot!

Traditionally, they’re only open Thursday through Sunday, but recently they’re actually open daily (when the weather is nice outside). I recommend arriving right when they open at 5 p.m. They don’t take reservations, and the tables fill up fast! In the summer, however, they put out a few biergarten tables to accommodate more people and larger groups.

Three wurst sausage plate, bacon sauerkraut, bread and cheese at Kloine Zoigl Stub’n Zum Stich’n
Kloine Zoigl Stub’n Zum Stich’n – 3 Sausage Plate with Bacon Sauerkraut

So what’s on the menu? Beer! But not just any beer – Zoigl beer is traditional Bavarian beer that can only be made in five cities. And don’t expect a large German dinner here, although you can certainly eat your fill of Bavarian sausage, cheeses, cold cuts, bread, and sauerkraut.

And the prices can’t be beat: 2,50€ for a half liter of beer, and no food item is over 10€! Tell Petra (the owner) that DT sent you 😉

Steak, vegetables, and potatoes at Bräu Wirt
Bräuwirt – Bräuwirt-Pfandl


If you’re ever craving a hearty German meal, you have to go to Bräuwirt! They serve classic Bavarian dishes like schnitzel and schweinebraten, alongside their own, award-winning Zoigl beer (of which you can order a mini keg in advance).

This hotel restaurant has plenty of space for large parties and families. But while they’re open on Sundays, the menu is much more limited. And, as always, be sure to make a reservation!

Hänsel und Gretel vinothek will also allow certain Weiden Restaurants to deliver food to you while drinking wine

Hansel & Gretel

You can’t usually have a full meal at Hansel & Gretel, but you can enjoy a variety of delicious wines! And if you really enjoy a particular bottle, you can purchase it before you leave.

They also offer tastings and special evenings when you can enjoy wine pairings with multiple courses. And if you want to organize a private event, they have a larger dining area in the back!

Try anything with pork belly at Nina and Velja's Kitchen!
Nina & Velja’s Kitchen – Pork Belly Rice Bowl with Kimchi

Nina & Velja’s Kitchen

Nina & Velja’s Kitchen serve tapas-style fusion food, and before opening their gastropub, they had a food truck. You can still find it roaming around the Oberpfalz and in the Weiden marktplatz during the Wednesday farmer’s market.

I recommend the pork belly, but I love anything pork belly. They make a pork belly rice bowl with kimchi and falafel, as well as a pork belly omelet.

Different plates of food at Nina & Velja's kitchen
Nina & Velja’s Kitchen – Various Dishes

But their menu is always changing! Plus, they offer a monthly brunch special. You can easily come here multiple times and never see the same menu twice.

Nina & Velja's kitchen outdoor biergarten

This is by far one of the best Weiden restaurants. And now you can enjoy their new biergarten!

Die Kleine Rosteria appetizers including gambas, garlic bread, and sausages
Die Kleine Rosteria – Appetizers

Die Kleine Rosteria

This is, without a doubt, a small restaurant! I highly recommend making a reservation in advance because they only have 7 or 8 tables inside, and can’t easily seat parties larger than 6 (unless their patio is open).

Die Kleine Rosteria 250g Irish rib eye steak with sweet potato fries and honey mustard dip
Die Kleine Rosteria
250g Irish Rib-Eye Steak with Sweet Potato Fries & Honey Mustard Dip

Die Kleine Rosteria has a small selection of steaks, lamb, and pork dishes, as well as delicious sauces and sides to accompany them. A great spot for an intimate date night!

Pallas Gyros – Take Away Food

Pallas Gyros

You really can’t go wrong with Greek food! Order yourself a delicious platter of souvlaki and pommes with heaping side of tzatziki.

And while Pallas Gyros is not open very late, you can still stop by their pick-up window for a quick gyro! Or you can place an order for delivery.

Gourmet burger and fries at Weiden restaurant Zoe
Zoe – Wild Boar Burger with Small Salad & Sweet Potato Fries


Zoe is a great option for a date night or special occasion. But if you can’t get a babysitter for the evening, they also have a kids menu!

They have schnitzel, pizza, burgers, and pasta dishes, but they also offer various meat dishes that aren’t necessarily normal German faire, such as a ribeye or grilled fish.

Steaklounge Weiden

As I mentioned before, Steaklounge Weiden has a great burger! But you should probably visit for their steaks at some point.

They have a huge variety of cuts that includes tomahawk, rib eye, and filet. If you’re feeling adventurous, they also have ostrich and bison!

Eiscafe Dolce Vita dog ice sign. Real leberwurst and cooked salmon

Eiscafe Dolce Vita

While not exactly in the marktplatz, Eiscafe Dolce Vita is on the other side of the pedestrian shopping district. And there are no rules about eating gelato in Weiden – you’ll find people enjoying their ice cream and beer early on summer mornings!

Looking for information about raising a puppy in Germany? Learn how we did it!

If you want to bring your dog, the gelato shop will be happy to sell you a cup of puppy gelato.

Dog eating ice cream at Eiscafe Dolce Vita
Eiscafe Dolce Vita – Puppy Ice Cream

Other Places to Eat in Weiden

We’ve touched on most of the dining options in Weiden, but I still have a couple more recommendations!

Das Hemingway Musikcafe

Hemingways has a lot going on – in a good way! You can bring multiple families for a casual evening of dinner and bowling, or treat your hangover with a greasy breakfast and mini pancakes.

It’s probably the closest experience you’ll have to an American pizzeria where your parents would give you a handful of quarters to play games until the food was ready. But this is still Germany – I recommend making a reservation just in case!

Drive Through bakery at Backhaus Kutzer
Backhaus Kutzer – Drive Thru Bakery

Backhaus Kutzer

You’ll find a few of them throughout Weiden, but the one on Leimbergerstrasse has a drive-thru! You can easily get your brezen in your pajamas with no judgement from the Germans.

All of their locations serve the standard assortment of breads, rolls, and brezen, in addition to sandwiches and limited breakfast platters.

Front entrance to the Nordoberpfalz Center. This mall as a large amount of cafes and weiden restaurants inside

Nordoberpfalz Center

If you’re looking for a German mall experience, check out the NOC shopping center! They have a selection of Asian restaurants, gelato, döner, and a bakery.

In fact, the whole pedestrian shopping district around it has tons of cafes and small eateries that are worth exploring, too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weiden Restaurants

Haven’t found the answer to your question yet? Check out the most common questions here!

Where’s the best pizzeria in Weiden?

Before I answer this, I have a disclaimer: it’s nearly impossible to find American-style pizza in Europe unless you go to a Domino’s or Pizza Hut! So with that being said, I recommend Kleine Freiheit for the best pizza in Weiden.

If you just want it by the slice, go to L’italiano, or if you just want takeaway, go to Mi Piace Pizzabar. But if you want to sit down and savor your pie, I recommend Trattoria Bologna, La Stella Ristorante & Pinseria, or Pizzeria Ristorante Da Salvo.

L'Italiano Pizza e Pasta Bar Pizza to go

Where’s the best Weiden restaurant for breakfast?

Weiner cafe has the best value for breakfast! I recommend Le Pére if you want a leisurely brunch in the marktplatz with a group.

If you’re a fan of mini pancakes (like myself), then you have to go to Edelweiss or Hemingway’s!

Weiden restaurants include gourmet breakfast plates like this platter at Le Pére

Can you bring a dog to any Weiden restaurants?

Most places accept dogs and will even give them water bowls (and Eiscafe Dolce Vita has doggie Eis!).

But they also expect that, if you bring your dog to a restaurant, you’ve trained it well. If you’re not sure your pup can be calm inside a restaurant, outside seating will be the safest choice.

Pallas Gyros plate of food with beer in downtown Weiden
Pallas Gyros – House Specialty

Have You Decided Where to Eat in Weiden?

Have you eaten at any of these restaurants? Is there another one you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

And if you want more recommendations about living in Germany, subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram


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  1. Big No No on the tipping. Rounding up or tipping only 1€ is not the way to tip in Germany. That would be extremely rude to be honest. I don‘t know why Americans think they only need to tip such little amounts in Germany?! Yes, waiters get paid more in Germany, but it is still appropriate to tip at least a COUPLE of Euros – depending on how many people ate with you and how high the bill was. Common now in the states 20% tip is standard, don‘t be so cheap on your tip here in Germany.

    1. I completely agree. My wife would smack me if I only gave a €1 tip to all our meals. I personally believe a couple euros for smaller bills is sufficient, and we tip anywhere from €10 – €20 on larger bills. Thanks for sharing this information, I made some edits to the tipping section to reflect a more appropriate tipping etiquette in Germany 🙂

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