Visit Croatia: Zlatni Rat Beach on Brač Island

Are you looking for a relaxing, photogenic beach getaway in Croatia? Then visit Zlatni Rat Beach! Also known as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn, Zlatni Rat Brač has clear waters, pristine sand, and an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea.

Split is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea

How to Get to Zlatni Rat on Brač Island

There are two ferry options that leave from Split to Brac Island. You can take a 50 minute ferry to Supetar, but then it’s a 45 minute drive to the beach from the marina.

You never know what you'll find in Split, Croatia! But it's a beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea, and you should definitely check it out

If you take the ferry from Split to Bol, the beach is just an 8 minute drive from port! But the ferry ride is 70 minutes. So while the Split to Bol journey will save you the most time, taking the ferry to Supetar may be a better option for anyone prone to seasickness.

Walk along the marina in Split for beautiful ocean views, or even hop on a ferry to visit one of the nearby islands

Keep in mind that the ferries don’t have air conditioning! So be sure to bring a fan and a cold beverage.

There are two options for the Split to Brac ferry: you can go to Supetar or to Bol. Bol is a closer car ride to Zlatni Rat Beach, but it's a longer ferry ride. Learn more at dtvdanieltelevision.com

And don’t forget to check the schedule for the return ferry, too. To save yourself some stress, ask your taxi driver if you can schedule a pick-up from the beach (or at least get their phone number). That way, you don’t have to worry about finding a ride back to the marina.

Add Zlatni Rat Beach to your bucket list!

What to Do at Zlatni Rat Beach

Once you arrive at the beach, just kick back and relax! But you may want to figure out whether you want to relax on the clothing optional or clothing required side. Either way, you’ll get plenty of sun.

Wish you were here: Zlatni Rat has picturesque views that will make all your followers jealous!

And if you want to step up your relaxation, you can rent a beach chair and umbrella for a modest price, too. Or, if you’re looking for activities, you can paddle board, snorkel, or windsurf.

Visit Auro Cocktail Bar at Zlatni Rat for good vibes and a cold beer

When you’re hungry, stop by Auro Cocktail Bar for a bite and a drink! Enjoy a cold beer, listen to music, and watch the waves come in. But if you’re on a budget, you can bring your own food, beverages, and towels to the beach as well.

Auro Cocktail Bar on Zlatni Rat is right on the beach so that you don't have to pack up your belongings and head into town

Visit the Golden Horn of Croatia

A 360 view of Zlatni Rat! The Croatian beach is also known as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn

Croatia has so much natural beauty to offer. And at Zlatni Rat, it’s easy to let go of your troubles and worries. Treat yourself for the day and enjoy the sunshine!

If you're in Split, you have to take a ferry to Zlatni Rat Beach!

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