Things To Do in Berchtesgaden Germany

Bavaria is arguably the cultural capital of Germany. Residents consume brezen, bier, and bratwurst in lederhosen throughout the farmlands. But if you want to experience peak German culture, you have to visit this picturesque town on the Austrian border. Eagle’s Nest, Wimbachklamm Gorge, and Königssee are just a few of the things to do in Berchtesgaden!

There are two entrances to Eagles Nest. One is through a tunnel that leads to an elevator, and the other is a winding road

Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus)

This small mountain town became the home base for the Nazi Party, with Eagle’s Nest (Khelsteinhaus) built in the Berchtesgaden Alps. It was where Hitler would meet other Party members to discuss diplomatic plans and war efforts.

Have a traditional Bavarian dining experience in Berchtesgaden, complete with beer, bratwurst, pretzels, and sauerkraut!

Visitors can take a tour in English or explore the site on their own. There’s a museum inside Eagles Nest as well as a restaurant.

Eagle’s Nest is only open between May and October, but be prepared for the weather! Because it’s located in the mountains, the weather can be foggy, cold, and wet. But on a clear day, the view is truly breathtaking.

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Visit the cafes and restaurants in Berchtesgaden, Germany

Berchtesgaden Old Town

If you spend the weekend in Berchtesgaden, you should explore the restaurants and shops throughout the town. Even when the village is buzzing with visitors, nearly every restaurant and cafe will feel cozy and welcoming.

Live like the locals: treat yourself to some gelato or a glass of beer – for breakfast!

St. Bartholomew's Church is a beautiful sight on Koenigssee


You have to take a Koenigssee boat tour while visiting Berchtesgaden! You can stop at St. Bartholomew’s Church, or take the boat straight to Salet, the stop at end of the lake.

As always, the earlier you arrive, the better. The fog should burn off by midday, so if you get to Salet early in the morning, you’ll have the whole day to hike!

Wimbachklaam Gorge is a beautiful, easy hike

Wimbachklamm Gorge

As you already saw in Garmisch, Germany has a lot of natural beauty to offer! Walk along the wooden foot path and admire the water from above. The walkway was originally built so that lumberers could carry wood out of the valley (can you imagine??).

And afterwards, treat yourself to a beer and a snack at Wirtshaus Hocheck! If you’re lucky, the sun will be shining and you can sit outside.

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The Toboggan Run at Sommerrodelbahn has to be on your list of things to do in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Look at that view!

Toboggan Run

OK, we’re a little obsessed with toboggan runs, but how can you say no to such an amazing view? Spend the afternoon zipping down the hill while taking in the scenery. And then treat yourself to another beer at Hochlenzer Alpengasthof! When in Germany, right?

You have to try the cream puffs at Gasthaus Cafe Graflhöhe Windbeutelbaron near Berechtesgadan, Germany

BONUS: Gasthaus Cafe Graflhöhe Windbeutelbaron

Technically, it’s not a tourist attraction or site, but they serve delicious cream puffs with a view! If the weather is less than favorable, they also have indoor seating.

drink beer while overlooking the beautiful landscape at Gasthaus Cafe Graflhoehe Windbeutelbaron!

Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Berchtesgaden

Planning to visit Berchtesgaden? Check out my responses to some common questions, or ask your own in the comments!

When is the best time to visit Berchtesgaden?

If you want to experience everything, I recommend visiting anytime between May and October – some things will be closed for the winter season. But if you want to avoid crowds, visit in September or October to enjoy warm weather while watching the leaves change!

Where to stay in Berchtesgaden?

Both Hotel Königssee and Hotel Schiffmeister have a beautiful view of Königssee. Just keep in mind that parking is limited near the hotels, so you may want to pack light!

Things to Do in Berchtesgaden

This Bavarian town has a variety of historic and cultural activities for families and friends. If you want to learn more about day trips and weekend getaways in Bavaria, Germany, subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Whether you enjoy a casual stroll or a hardcore hike, Berchtesgaden has plenty of nature for you!


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