Things To Do In Bologna Italy

No two places in Italy are alike. Every city in Italy offers a different insight into the history and culture of the region. If you visit Bologna in the north, you’ll find a huge variety of architecture! But among all the things to do in Bologna, eating lasagna has to be on your list, too.

Things to Do in Bologna

Like most of Italy, Bologna is an old city, which means you need a good pair of walking shoes for the cobblestone streets and stairs!

The Two Towers in Bologna are iconic structures of this Italian city

The Two Towers: Garisenda and Asinelli

At one point, there were almost 200 towers like these in Bologna, but many did not survive the earthquakes, fires, and wars. The Asinelli is the taller of the two, and you can climb to the top for an amazing view of the city!

The view of the city from the Two Towers is unbeatable. Wear comfortable walking shoes when visiting Bologna!

Today, no one really knows who built the towers or why. But it’s been used for a variety of purposes, such as the Guglielmini experiment to prove the Earth rotates.

Basilica di San Petronio

Built for the patron saint of Bologna, Basilica de San Petronio was intended to be the largest church in the world. Construction started in 1390, but later Pope Pius IV encouraged construction efforts to focus on the Archdiocese of Bologna.

Basilica di San Petronio towers over Piazza Maggiore with its unfinished facade, but is still a beautiful sight to see.

Enjoy a glass of wine in front of the Palazzo d'Accursio in Bologna!

Palazzo d’Accursio

Right next to Basilica di San Petronio is Palazzo d’Accursio, home to the city’s Town Hall. Additionally, the building hosts the Civic Art Collection. But the architecture and sculpture inside the building is a sight to see in itself!

The building is free to visit, and the Art Collection is just €5.

Piazza Maggiore is one of the oldest public squares in Italy, and home to a variety of classic architecture

Piazza Maggiore

Even if you don’t go inside Basilica di San Petronio or Palazzo d’Accursio, you can enjoy sitting in Piazza Maggiore and admire them from the outside. It’s one of the oldest public squares in Italy, and continues to serve its purpose as a place for gathering.

During the summer you can attend Sotto le Stelle del Cinema, a film festival held from July to August. Add this to your list of things to do in Bologna!

The Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca has 666 arches - pretty holy, don't you think?

Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca

While there had been a church at the top of the hill since the 12th century, the current structure was built in the 1700s. Visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca on a clear day if possible so that you can enjoy the view!

You have to make time to try lasagna in Bologna! It's way better than your microwave Stouffer's

What to Eat in Bologna

Stroll through the Quadrilatero (The Old Market) and explore the aromas and flavors of Bologna! Unlike the coastal cities of Italy, Bologna’s cuisine focuses less on seafood and more on cheese and meat.

When you visit Bologna, stop by Osteria del Podesta for the best lasagna of your life!

We highly recommend Osteria del Podesta for the best lasagna you’ll ever eat. Treat yourself to a glass of wine and a slice of lasagna for a simple yet decadent meal!

Ready to Visit Bologna?

Bologna is perfect for anyone who wants a delicious, romantic getaway to Italy that won’t break the bank. Go ahead – treat yourself!

Go to the Sactuary of the Madonna di San Luca in Bologna!


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