Weekend in Prague: Celebrating Prague Pride!

If you visit Czech Republic during the summer, consider coming during Prague Pride! Founded in 2010, the Prague Pride Parade is now the largest LGBT celebration in Eastern Europe. And like other international pride festivals, everyone is invited to celebrate!

Everyone is welcome at Prague Pride!

How to Celebrate at Prague Pride: Wake Up and Be Festive!

Keep in mind that the Pride Parade is the culmination of an entire week of celebrations. Throughout Pride Week, you can find a variety of programming.

What to do during Pride Week

Some activities include resources for the LGBT community in Czechia, such as HIV testing and support groups. Other programs cover topics like the history of LGBTQ+ activism in the country, discussions about queer expression and legislation, or just an afternoon in Pride Village with family activities.

The Pride Festival in Prague concludes a week-long celebration of LGBT rights and activism

Prague Pride Parade

And in rain or shine, the Pride Parade will conclude the week-long festivities. It starts in the late morning, so you have time to prepare your outfit and get a little buzzed before the shenanigans really begin!

Pro tip: wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet all day! Unless you’re extremely confident in platform boots, we recommend shoes that you can wear for hours.

Once you join the parade route, you can observe as a spectator and watch all the floats, or you can join the parade! There aren’t many rules for the festival, other than respecting each other, the city, and the police.

The after parties during Pride Week are full of dancing and good times!

After the Pride Parade

After reveling in the hype and energy, you’ll want to keep celebrating! Prague Pride organizes a few different after parties and club nights throughout the city, but you may also find other bars and clubs celebrating, too.

As of 2019, Czech Republic has not legalized same-sex marriage

About Prague Pride

While Czech Republic has some of the most progressive legislation regarding LGBT rights in Eastern Europe, the struggle for equality and protection continues.

In an effort to prevent suicide in the LGBT community, Prague Pride founded Sbarvouven.cz, a peer mentoring website to connect struggling individuals with an empathetic support network. They’ve also organized events and conferences to fight homophobia in the workplace.

As of late 2019, registered partnerships are legal, but it does not afford the same rights as marriage. A bill to legalize same-sex marriage was introduced in 2018, but the vote has been postponed.

Even after the festivities end, Prague Pride offers services to the LGBT community, and they advocate for LGBT rights throughout the country

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