Things to Do in Regensburg: Walhalla and Regensburg with Locals

Weiden in der Oberpfalz is less than an hour drive from Regensburg, Germany, and it’s a perfect day trip for any Americans living in Bavaria! Fellow vlogger Andrew Smith and I met up with locals Annemaria and Thorsten to learn about things to do in Regensburg. But first, we stopped at Walhalla, Germany!

Regensburg is pretty easy to get to by car, or better yet, try using the train system in Germany!

Walhalla Regensburg is inspired by the Parthenon - can you tell? But it's not a temple for the gods, and it's not quite Odin's great hall either. To learn more, visit dtvdanieltelevision.com

Walhalla Regensburg

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the great hall where all the bravest warriors go after they die. Inspired by this story, Crown Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria commissioned Walhalla to honor various “politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists of the German tongue.”

And at the time, that didn’t mean just people living in Germany. Anyone who was of Germanic descent or a significant figure in the Holy Roman Empire could qualify!

Walhalla Regensburg houses over 100 sculptures of scientists, politicans, artists, and significant figures in Germanic history. Here you'll find Einstein, Copernicus, Gutenberg, Martin Luther, and more!

Does it look familiar? The structure is modeled after the Parthenon in Greece, but the sculptures on the sides of the building depict landmark German battles before the Napoleonic era.

The memorial holds 130 sculptures as of 2020! most people will recognize the names of Albert Einstein, Johannes Gutenberg, Mozart, Wagner, and Copernicus, but there are also numerous German figures who may not be familiar. So take the time to learn something new about German history!

The view of the Danube River from Walhalla Regensburg is breathtaking - but so is the walk up!

And afterwards, enjoy a beautiful view of the Danube river. You’ll find a small kiosk that serves beer, ice cream, and other small snacks. But you won’t find any elevators, so wear comfortable shoes!

Want to explore more of the region? Visit Weiden in der Oberpfalz!

Things to Do in Regensburg

If you’re at Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, or Hohenfels, Regensburg is an easy day trip! And even if it’s farther than a 2-hour drive, anyone living in Germany should take a short weekend to visit this incredible Bavarian city.

The Regensburg Cathedral is a great photo spot!

The Regensburg Cathedral (also known as St. Peter Cathedral) is hard to miss! The landmark has gone through multiple renovations and restorations, but don’t be surprised if you still see some construction happening.

For a long time, the Stone Bridge was one of only three bridges that spanned the Danube River. If you're living in Germany, you should definitely visit Regensburg to learn more!

For a great view of the Cathedral and the city, take a walk across the Stone Bridge! It’s one of the original three bridges that spanned the Danube River (the other two are in Vienna and Cologne). The Bridge was originally made of wood, but after its destruction in World War II, they rebuilt it with stone.

Looking for more German history? Munich is just an 80-minute drive away!

And for more history, stop by the Roman Wall. It was built in 179 A.D., and pieces of it still remain today! Be sure to touch it and feel the history…

Bike outside of Regensburg along the Danube River and enjoy some nature! Living in Germany really has its perks

After exploring the city, take a bike ride into the outskirts of Regensburg. You can have a picnic along the Danube River, stop by a biergarten, or bike all the way to Vienna! Seriously: there’s a cycling path all along the Danube.

Wurstküche in Regensburg is the oldest fast food joint in the world! You have to try the wurst with sauerkraut and mustard

Regensburg Restaurants

If you’re looking for a cup of coffee, stop by Cafe Prinzess. It’s the oldest coffee shop in Germany! (Not like the coffee shops in Amsterdam.) They have a great assortment of chocolates, pastries, and cakes to go with your cappuccino.

Another historical landmark is the Wurstküche: the oldest fast food restaurant in the world. They serve up a classic brat on a bun, but unlike the rest of Bavaria, they serve their sausages on a soft, rectangular bun instead of a round semmel! Treat yourself to a wurst with a healthy serving of sauerkraut and a squeeze of mustard.

Looking to diversify your German dining experience? Check out these restaurants in Weiden!

Obatzda is a Bavarian cheese made from butter, camambert, cream cheese, and seasoning. It's usually served with bread, but honestly, you can eat it with anything!

And don’t worry – if you leave Regensburg on the bike path, you can still find great biergartens along the way! Relax with a beer and a plate of obatzda. What better way to enjoy an afternoon by the Danube?

Frequently Asked Questions about What to Do in Regensburg

As an American living in Germany, I’ve answered a couple common questions about visiting the capital of der Oberpfalz. Have a different question? Ask me in the comments!

What are some top Regensburg attractions?

Walhalla Regensburg is definitely a must-see when you visit. If you’re interested in old, historical landmarks, I recommend checking out the Roman Wall and the Stone Bridge. But just walking around the city is worth the trip, too!

When is the best time to visit Regensburg?

You need to visit between May and October to enjoy everything to the fullest, especially the biergartens.

If you visit in September, be sure to include Oktoberfest on your itinerary!

Living in Germany? Visit Regensburg!

This Bavarian city is a unique cultural experience for anyone living in Germany. The city has historical sites, great food, and all kinds of hiking and biking paths to explore. So go learn something new!

Are you an American living in Germany? You should definitely visit Regensburg for history, culture, food, and a nice bike ride!

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